The House of M  is a space for design. We think that design is wider than just drawing. We think design as a way to solve problems. All kind of problems. And we solve them with mastery, simplicity and truth!

And also, why not turning it beautiful too?

So come in and have fun! Make yourself comfortable.

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Mariana Moura


Nice to meet you!

I'm Mariana Moura, Brand Designer, Cool Hunter e Marketing Specialist.

Once someone told me I was good in seeing beauty in things. And I agreed. I'm good in that!

I love traveling, collecting stories, meeting new people, art expressions and gastronomy. 

I feel very emotional when I'm in front of a piece of art, or when I feel the wind on my cheeks thrilled by an amazing view, or with the taste of a good food or the history of someone.

And for being this involved to theses beauties that I try to express these feelings with my abilities. I'm a designer. Specialized in creating special moments. Travel guide creator, curiosities researcher, trends appreciator.


With my curiosity vision The House of M was born. An origami space where I can fold and unfold it until it becomes lovely. It's the house of my thoughts, and I try to help the most different projects to find their own expressions. It's the place where I can share my tastes and visions about the world.


It can seem that I have my head on the clouds, but I think my mind is beyond them. The world is an inspiration, and I'm just an astronaut here.


Ground control to Major Tom. See you on the next mission.