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Ferme believes that getting dressed well is not just for special occasions. Ferme creates beauty to last.

They believe in clothes with stories, made to create memories, to be passed from generation to generation, to last through time. They create for complete women who focus on what really matters: being present. Ferme means "firm" in French. Firm is what reflects the woman who wears the brand. The logo is light, modern and captivating. Its font is simple and at the same time bold and modern. The composition conveys confidence, positivity and seriousness and has the fluidity of the movement of the letters, giving a more relaxed feel. The little ball is an extra touch. It resembles a sun, a button, a special detail that the brand proposes with its products. The main color, as incredible as it may seem, is not in the logo but in its visual identity - lilac. Feminine, captivating and current.


Naming + Branding +

Stationary + Strategy +



São Paulo, Brasil


February 2021

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