Dra. Nathália L. P.  Vieira

Dr. Nathália L. P. Vieira is passionate about what she does. She graduated at Medical Sciences of Santa Casa of São Paulo School. Her General Surgical Residency focused on Coloproctology.


She is young, dedicated and extremely hardworking. In this new moment, she wanted to transform her identity in a professional way to attract more patients and a more solid reputation in a long term.


Her brand must represent her essence and at the same time convey credibility. It symbolizes peristaltic movement and all layers of the intestine.


The color palette is bold, different from the conventional and conveys femininity and strength.


Check out more at: www.dranathalialpvieira.com


Branding + Stationary +



São Paulo


May 2020

Porto - Portugal | São Paulo - Brazil 

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