Is much more than just a logo.

It represents everything you want to tell the world.


Strategic design for creative entrepreneurs, small businesses and innovative people.

What we do





We make your Brand be, do, and express itself

All the process starts with the understanding the needs of your Brand.

After that, we work on it! Together!

Even if its just to renew a concept or create something from scratch, we have the perfect methodology to achieve it's best.





We turn a rough draft into a piece of art

We transform your ideas into reality.

And it's a beautiful reality! Because design is like this: you look and admire with enthusiasm. It's magic!





We need to tell the world!


We give the right ton of voice for a text, an image, a video and we do it thinking about the best results it can achieve.


"Ideas can come from anywhere - you can take inspiration from anything."
Paul Smith




Branding Project

These concept and Brand were developed to a Couture Dresses & Wedding Style fashion atelier. The idea was to create a light and high couture atmosphere to the Brand experience.

Simple elements were brought together to create the dress personalization aspect more relevant and meaningful for the clients. 

We chose the blue color after the famous tradition rhyme to bring lucky for the wedding: "something old, something new. Something borrowed, something blue".

Branding Project

Um Tal de Brigadeiro is a Brazilian patisserie Brand that sells gourmet brigadeiros. Um Tal de Brigadeiro's brigadeiros are so special that it is impossible to try only one. The Branding idea was to create an experience that reflects in product quality and empathy. All the packaging is created in a so detailed and personalized way that clients feel it's different. The Brand creation uses powerful colors like blue, pink and orange. All the communication is fun, clean and relaxed.

Branding Project

Nutrientes Queridos is a brand from a nutritionist clinic from Brazil. The brand needed to be reformulated to reflect more professionalism. The core business is to work with food sustainability and behavioral nutrition, not with avarage diets. The brand was renewed based on this and also on the idea to make its communication more simple, light and more human. That's why we used watercolor elements to compose the identity as well a personalized and light typography. The website and stationery were also updated.



Mariana Moura

Brand Designer, Cool Hunter, Marketing Specialist and Travel Addicted.

The World is an inspiration. Creativity is just a way to make interesting connections between things.

Ground control to Major Tom. See you on the next mission.

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