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The House of M  is a space for design. We think that design is wider than just drawing. We think design as a way to solve problems. All kind of problems. And we solve them with mastery, simplicity and truth!

And also, why not turning it beautiful too?

So come in and have fun! Make yourself comfortable.

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Mariana Moura


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I'm Mariana Moura, brand strategist and designer, entrepreneur, curios and João's mother.

The more senses, the more sense it makes. I'm a real experiences's collector. I love transforming what I see, imagine and feel into design. I don't do unpurposeful things.

I believe that brands tells more than a story. They leave a mark. They create a link, a bond, with people and they participate on their lives. they create feelings. Marks with memories.

I translate senses into beautiful designs to create memories. Transform nostalgia into a logo, a smell into a color palette, a story into a brand,. I feel and create. With purpose, but also because it is fun. 

For more than 15 years I've been working on design, marketing and communication in companies such as Google, Marcas com Sal, Liga Ventures, Samba Ads and Hub Brasil. I used to sell brigadeiros, I got engaged in a castle, was abducted by London, illustrated a beautiful book, a whale almost touched my boat, I moved to another country, I opened and sold a specialty coffee shop, I dislocated my shoulder skydiving, I visited New Zealand, I'm a mother, I planted a tree and keep successfully deviating from COVID-19.

Wants to know more about me and how my design process work? Let's talk! I would love to meet you!

Ground control to Major Tom. See you in next mission.

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